Programe updatate pentru windows


Remotely control a computer using a different machine and platform over the Internet

Download RealVNC

FlashFXP is an advanced, yet easy to use FTP/FXP client

Download FlashFXP
Microsoft Security Essentials

With Microsoft Security Essentials, you get high-quality protection against viruses and spyware

Download Microsoft Security Essentials
Total Commander

Total Commander is a file manager replacement for Windows Explorer

Download Total Commander
Zoom Player Home FREE

DVD and Media Player for the Windows PC platform

Download Zoom Player Home FREE

PhraseExpress helps you to speed up your typing tasks in any editor by saving lots of keystrokes.

Download PhraseExpress

Free Zip utility, extract RAR TAR ZIP files... Compress, convert, split and encrypt archives,150+ archive formats supported.

Download PeaZip

WinPatro: Cleans up your Taskbar and Startup programs

Download WinPatrol

CCleaner (Crap Cleaner): clean up junk files and invalid registry entries

Download CCleaner
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Programe recomandate din categoria windows

Advanced SystemCare

Repara si curata gratuit registrele cu Advanced SystemCare Free 6.

Download Advanced SystemCare

WinRAR: Gestionare arhive RAR și ZIP

Download WinRAR

BSPlayer este un player pentru Windows, care reda toate tipurile de fisiere media (AVI / MPG / ASF / WMV / WAV)

Download BSplayer
Winamp 5

Winamp este cel mai popular player pentru a asculta muzica in Windows

Download Winamp 5

Skype: faci apeluri oriunde în lume pe Internet

Download Skype
Google Chrome

Google Chrome este un Browser care combină un design minimal cu o tehnologie sofisticată. Cunoscut ca find cel mai rapid browser.

Download Google Chrome
Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player permite vizionarea animaţiilor pe computer.

Download Adobe Flash Player

Navigeaza pe web cu Firefox, blocheaza pop-papuri și aparate de spyware la cu ​​acest browser-ul open-source rapid.

Download Firefox
Yahoo! Messenger

Yahoo Messenger vă permite să facă schimb rapid mesaje cu prietenii online

Download Yahoo! Messenger
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